Activate Podcast with Run To Win

Activate Podcast with Run To Win

This podcast dives into topics of faith, community, and sports through interviews with guests and Run To Win team members. It is an opportunity to share real stories, resources, and spread encouragement to listeners and continually point those who listen back to Christ. It is our hope that this podcast can activate the Spirit within you, and build up those around you to become a healthier and more equipped Church.

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    Episode 004: heptathlon, D1 athletics, identity and freedom

    This weeks episode features Jaleecia "Big Mamma" Pinson! We talk about her time as a student athlete at UW, and the struggle college athletes and students can have with finding identity and purpose. It can be difficult with so many things pulling for our attention to know where we are rooted, and that no matter what Jesus will always be where we are found.

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    Episode 003: servant leadership, state championship coaching, and building relationships

    This episode we cover topics of coaching, leadership, and building relationships in order to create healthy culture. Dan Taylor, a state championship and multiple award winning coach. shares his insight on how to create culture and lead in a Christ centered way. Who we are in Christ flows out of what we do, which then leads to others being led and hopefully to Christ.

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    Episode 002: big C Church, slip n' slide, having a Kingdom mindset

    This weeks episode features guest Kayla Murphy, who is the Children’s Pastor at North View Community Church. We get to hear Kayla’s story, which includes her going to her first Run To Win camp, becoming a coach, and now being camp partner! Kayla also shares her ideas on church in todays world and how we are called to be the church.

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